The swing of a magical sword

...opens a path for an animated samurai into our world. He discovers anime is popular around the world, making his heart swell with pride. Then he learns ever-growing demand has inadvertently led studios to overwork their creative teams without increasing compensation. If this continues, the only legacy left for future anime artists will be burnout. That breaks his heart.

This strange visitor is determined to save the artform that gave him life. He's not sure how to do it but he knows there's only one place he can go: CryptoAnime, a virtual world in the making with a community of people from different walks of life - crypto investors, gamers, anime fans, artists, entrepreneurs - uniting over their love for storytelling and art. They are building a digital realm where new anime and manga projects will be born, utilizing cutting-edge innovations to devise revenue streams that support these projects and the artists behind them.

Who is this determined man with the flaming sword? He is Hekonai Hanawa, the protagonist of the first Japanese animation film: Namakura Gatana (1917). His fondest dream is to be a hero... but was created to be the punchline of the joke. A century later, he dares to change his storyline and enters a world beyond his dreams.

But he can't do it alone. Art is just a reflection of those secret desires in our hearts and minds. It can't survive if you aren't there to give it your support. Hekonai needs you to make his journey to heroism possible. Summon your inner hero, join his quest and you will play a role in his mission to transform art and reality.

The Hekonai Collection

Fighting a battle this big requires an army. Hekonai has the heart but he doesn't have the numbers. However, hope is not lost: he discovers with the support of fans that he can split his character traits, looks and potential destinies into an army of alternate personas. Each one of these personas takes the form of an NFT.

This is where your support becomes truly meaningful. Every time a CryptoAnime member acquires a Hekonai NFT, you increase his power. You give him the ability to travel through the history of anime, enter our world and bring people from several industries (art, entertainment, technology) into the CryptoAnime. He will lead the way as we figure out solutions to the problems that anime faces in the 21st century - and your NFT will give him the strength he needs.

We believe there is a hero in you, ready to rise to the occasion and create a better world for art and its creators. The power is in your hands. Are you ready to join us?

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Thank You

Our plan is to actively engage our community to co-develop exciting and unique ideas for NFTs that have meaning and utility in the context of CryptoAnime's mission.

Before you go, you may watch Namakura Gatana, a 4-minute silent short comedy and the very first Japanese animation film released on June 30, 1917: Namakura Gatana.

And don't forget to check out the introduction post by clicking here.